9mm SBR Project Page



    Before we get started I need to explain something first. It is illegal to posses a rifle with a barrel less than 16Ē or a rifle with an over all length of less than 26Ē unless it is registered to you in the NFA Registry. You can legally build a SBR if you submit an application to build a SBR to the BATFE and pay a $200.00 Tax. If you want some more information on NFA items I suggest you read these NFA FAQ.



    My latest project is a 9mm short barreled rifle, or SBR for short built on the AR-15 platform. The reason for this project is because I wanted something light weight, small, relatively cheap to shoot, and most of all fun. Something that you just want to take will you all the time.  

Sept. 2006

I bought a Rock River Arms stripped lower receiver for the base of this project. I actually found one marked for 9mm. I wasn't really looking for one marked for 9mm but it was there so I bought it.



Mar. 2007

This project got put on the back burner for a while because of the Max-11, but that's about done so its time to bring this sucker to life. Now you maybe asking yourself, why in the heck is he building a semi-auto 9mm carbine when he has a 9mm submachine gun. OK, here's the deal. The Max-11 is loads of fun, but its meant to be run wide open. Its only happy when its in full auto. Its not the best 9mm out there for just plinking around. I tell my friends I'm into stamp collecting and I don't have a stamp for a SBR yet.



Mar. 2007

To keep this project legal I can't order my barrel of less than 16" until I get approved by the BATFE to built a SBR. On March 26th I submitted my Form 1 to built a SBR along with my check for $200.00. I always send my form in using priority mail with delivery confirmation, and it has worked out well except this time. It usually take two to three days and I get a delivery conformation, not this time. A week goes by and nothing, it just says it was excepted at the post office. Finally on 4/3/07 my check is cashed, so either somebody at the post office ripped me off or the post office forgot to scan the package for the delivery conformation. Only time will tell. I should take 35-45 day for the form 1 to be processed. Once it is approved the BATFE will send me one of the form 1's with the tax stamp signifying that I registered my lower receiver with them as a SBR. Here is a picture of more or less of what I'm trying to build.



Mar. 2007

Another requirement in building a SBR is to have the builders name, city and state engraved on the SBR. That was my next step, to send my lower receiver off to Orion Arms for engraving. The cost for engraving is $30.00 for two lines and $10.00 for each additional line. There is also a $12.00 return shipping charge.  I sent out for engraving on March 30th and I expect to have it back the week of 4/9/07. While I'm waiting on my lower to return I went ahead and order a lower receiver parts kit from ADCO.



April 2007

I got the parts kit from ADCO and the lower back from Orion Arms, so I'm ready to do some assembly work. I ordered a lower parts kit minus the trigger and hammer because I already have one, but I couldn't fine the pins so I ordered some KNS pins. I also decided I didn't like the pistol grip and I need the buffer tube and parts so I ordered that too. The grip I decided to go with is the Magpul MIAD grip and I got a buffer tube for the Magpul CTR stock both in flat dark earth.. 



April 2007

I got back from vacation to find that my Form 1 had been approved and it appears it only took about 3 weeks. A few days later I received the MIAD grip and the buffer tube parts I had ordered while on vacation. I also picked up the CTR stock at the gun show this past weekend. Here is the complete lower assembled.    



May 2007

My next big decision is the Magazine system I use for this build. The issue is that this lower receiver is standard AR-15 receiver and is built for the .223 not the 9mm. It is only marked 9mm, which means the this lower is identical to the ones for .223 or 5.56mm. To be able to use this lower you have to use an adapter called a mag block. The mag block fits into the magazine well of the lower and positions the magazine in the correct spot to allow the weapon to feed correctly from the 9mm magazine.

There are basically two different types of mag blocks there is the Colt type or the Oly type, there are others but we a going to focus on these two. Olympic arms has there own system, it uses modified uzi or sten mags and has there own special bolt carrier. I decided to go with the Colt system because I believed it to be a more user friendly system and had more of the features that I wanted like last shot bolt hold open, and there are more people making parts for this type of system. Even with the Colt system you can buy different types of mag block for Uzi mags or Sten mags, but I stayed with the true Colt system. True Colt mags are expensive, around $60.00 ea, but there are after marked mag for $10-$20 depending on where you look. There are also some new mag due out soon by a company call Cproducts.

I've decided to go with the Colt type. I found a RRA mag block at a local gun show. I hope the Cproducts mags start shipping soon.        


June 2007

Now that I have the lower completely built I need to start on the upper. I would like to use a 3 lug barrel so I can switch the suppressor between the Max-11 and the 9mm SBR but I'm having trouble finding one.


Nov 2007

Things didnít quite go as planed. I found someone that was offering a 9mm upper with a 5Ē 3 lug barrel with everything I wanted and when I enquired about it I was told the barrel were on back order. Well no big deal I though, I can wait. I have a friend that is, well let just say he is away on business that has let me barrow his 9mm upper, so Iím really in no hurry. I told the guy I was interested in one of his upper and he gave me a price. I agreed to his price and told him that when he gets all the part in I would order it. I would send emails every couple of weeks to check status and when I would get a reply I was told no barrel, still a few weeks out. Now some times I would have to send a few emails to get a reply, but like I say I was not in a hurry. I had something I could shoot, and Iím sure this guy was busy with other stuff. After playing this game for the last five plus months Iím suspending this project. I will probably finish this project when the supply of these parts gets a little better. Iím not saying this is a bad supplier to deal with, Iím just saying I got tired of chasing this guy around to buy something from him. The last email I got from him was Oct 10th saying the barrels should be here in about a week. This was the reply of an email I sent Oct 8th. I then sent an email on Oct 28th and Nov 1st asking if the barrel ever came in and I still have yet to get a reply. Another reason Iím not too upset is that I didnít put any money down nor was I asked to. TO BE CONTINUED.....